Our transducter EL-JET conceived in three parts increases it's fiability and confort use, it's handling it's easier due to it's changeable bloc that makes avoiding coming back to the fabric.

It can receive: 1 mecanic comparater Ø58 or 100 mm. Can mesure: +/-20µ or +/-40µ or +/-80µ with a resolution of 0,5µ or 1µ; indutive sensor for electric system conexion.

EL-JET Precision: Linearity: 1µ in a bord of +/-30µ class EL-JET as a instrument of absolut mesurement; repeateadly: 0,2µ
Resolution: depends on the exploiting system can wait 0,1µ
Mesurement Time: Shows the established mesurement in 0,2 seconds that permits the intregration of robotic lines.

How it works:  The compressed air passes in a filtration system that reduces the presure down to 3,5-4 bars, after that fills up inferior chamber and superior membrane. The air escapes to the superior chamber and the depression allows vertical mouvement of a conic needle controling the derivants thanks to the mecanic comparater or electronic. The second circuit of air crosses the inferior chamber and escapes in the thin space between the mesurement ajustment and the part to verify. All modifications of that thin space provoques the conic needle to move the needle from the comparater or the electronic probe to present the mesurement.